We have collected a few exemplary references to allow for a quick overview of our services.

International Congress:

At an international congress with over 1500 participants and more than 2400 mobile devices, we were commissioned with the creation and support of a stable and high-performance WLAN network. With just under four weeks realization time a real challenge, because it was also necessary to develop and connect the building with modern fiber optic infrastructure. More complex requirements were added on-site, as the two-day site survey revealed: around 200 SSIDs, winding, and massive multi-story concrete construction architecture, and a total building area of approximately 80,000 square feet. Added to this was the parallel operation of the host network, the overlapping with competing networks (lighting and sound technology) and their unlimited functionality. Due to the architecture, a very high client density had to be expected with high throughput rates. The client required maximum security for the participants: client isolation, use of VPN, SSL, SSH, and other services. By using a stateful Next-Generation Firewall, the implementation of IDS / IPS, an IP reputation system, and various content filters, the required prioritization for VoIP, video web meetings and streaming services, according to QoS requirements could be met. During the six-day event, we achieved maximum customer satisfaction and smooth operation during the event through end-to-end on-site support and dynamic bandwidth adjustments in line with BYOD requirements.

  • Total number of participants approx. 1500
  • Client number parallel 2400
  • Realization time 4 weeks
  • Duration 6 days Incl. On-site support 7am to 10 pm
  • Integration 1 Gbit / s synchronous fiber optic building connection
  • Customer satisfaction 100%

Private educational institution:

Supervision of a private educational institution with a fluctuating number of clients (300-600 students, 25 employees, and almost 70 teachers). Planning and implementation of a permanently installed WLAN infrastructure for almost 600-900 highly heterogeneous mobile devices. Modern mesh and session handling procedures were required to ensure the high mobility of the clients without disconnectivity. Also, a public Internet access with social media authentication was configured on customer request. Central network components were renewed, numerous production systems and servers were consolidated through virtualization. Several migrations of various OS versions (Win Server 2003/2008 / SBS2011 to Windows 2012) were carried out without restriction of the productive operation. The existing Windows domain landscape was corrected and a backup/storage system was introduced. Planning, construction and operation of a redundant stateful Next-Generation Firewall with redundant ISP connection incl. Load balancing, failover, and fallback solution, as well as a content filter according to campus specifications. Planning, procurement, adaptation and operational transfer of a VoIP communication solution in compliance with the QoS requirements within 48 hours. Development and integration of a new floor (in-house glass connection), as well as 24/7 support for several years with complete customer satisfaction.

  • Number of employees 25
  • Teachers Number 70
  • Student Number ~ 500
  • Daily user clients 600-900
  • 24/7 support
  • Integration 1 Gbit / s synchronous fiber optic building connection
  • Customer satisfaction 100%

Medical Center:

Modernization of a medical center by renewal and reconfiguration of switches, servers and a VoIP telephone system, in the course of which the entire site was switched to VoIP telephony. Likewise, an ISDN fax server solution was integrated into existing systems to be able to automatically send about 500 daily faxes. Configuration and maintenance of a VPN gateway to enable cooperation partners and telematics connections. Supervision of a PACS relocation, for which customized server solutions were planned and implemented, as well as the monitoring of modality connection. Conceptualization of a workflow for the necessary data migration and data consolidation, as well as its implementation. The complete process of data migration was carried out and monitored by us. As an additional challenge, it was the 24/7 operation to ensure, as our customer provides the basic medical care of the contractors.

  • Number of employees 10
  • Storage Systems ~ 150TB
  • 24/7 support
  • Customer satisfaction 100%